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Rick & Rick Photo Workshops Rick & Rick Photo Workshops



Join Senior Disney Wedding Photographer Rick Ferro and internationally published photojournalist and portrait photographer Rick Friedman for the “Rick & Rick Photo Workshop”

These are hands on posing and lighting photography workshop with 2 photographers known for their creative, yet different styles of lighting and photography.

This workshop will improve your photography wether you are photographing your children or are a seasoned professional photographer.

“The Ricks” will share their creative techniques and photographic tricks. Attendees will work with both photographers learning their different approaches to photography, lighting and posing.

The workshop will start with making great light with one speed light. Yes, you can make great light with a single speed light! We will then add a second speed light and progress to larger portable strobes. We will be working with all types of light modifiers, reflectors, diffusers, soft boxes, umbrellas and strip lights. We will add color gels to make the photographs dramatic and you will learn the use of light meters and remote triggers.

We will also be working with continuous LED lightings. We’ll have ring lights, wands and panels that you make any color you desire with an app on your phone.

You will learn how to mix strobe and available light and how to overpower the harsh sun light and make dramatic sunset photographs.

We’ll end the workshop with light painting using continuous light and strobes.

We will bring the lighting equipment, you bring your camera and lens!

These workshops are high energy, informative and fun!

You will improve your photography and add to your portfolio and have a good time doing it!


Liz Nord Pierce

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us at the wonderful workshop. Fun group!
Thank you, Rick and Rick 

Susan Walker

Hitch Such a wonderful experience! Thank you!

Julie Anna-Guintard Abella

Beautiful! Wish I could take another day. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge, time and talent.

Michael Hayward

It was a great day. The Rick and Rick show delivered. The two young ladies and all of the other models rocked it.

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